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Daniel Rasband

Alumni (MIDS 2019)


Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning


Data Science
Project Management
Software Development


I work at a small software development firm in Salt Lake City called Objective, Inc. I double majored in linguistics and Korean for my undergraduate degree, and have a master’s degree in linguistics. Despite my background in linguistics, I found an exciting career in programming and worked my way up from a PHP/Javascript developer to development team lead. I have now been programming for about 10 years (as of 2019), and have designed and/or built production applications using PHP, Ruby, Python, Go, Javascript, C#, Swift, and probably some others I’m not thinking about. I am extremely interested in natural language processing and machine learning, and want to continue to develop these and other data science skills to enhance my career and expand my horizons. I have 4 kids.

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April 22, 2024