Dr. Ciarán O'Connor

Ciarán O’Connor

MIDS Student


Engineering computation and scientific applications, software development, high performance computing, cloud computing.


Software Development


I am an engineering professional with two decades experience of applying advanced simulation and software development techniques to design, analysis and software projects in the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, white goods and packaging industries. In recent years I personally designed and built ESI Groups new Modular MATerial model (MMAT) software, which is a library of advanced material model algorithms now used extensively at VW-Audi-Porsche Group and Renault-Nissan for a wide range of applications in their vehicle development simulation programmes.



PhD in Computational Modelling of Materials, Queen's University Belfast.

MSc Education, Teaching and Learning, University of Ulster.

MSc Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering Design, Queen's University Belfast.

BEng(Hons) Aeronatutical Engineering, Queen's University Belfast.



Member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Member of Society of Plastics Engineers.

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April 22, 2021