Charles Batty-Capps

MIDS Student


I'm a student in the MIDS program starting Jan 2024 - focus within data science TBD


Data Science


I studied Mathematics and Physics at Carnegie Mellon many a year ago. I also studied Computer Science at Portland State University. Since then, I have developed a career as a backend engineer, working for several San Fracisco based tech startups, until eventually arriving at Autodesk via the acquisition of Plangrid. I am currently working on architecting and implementing backend systems for construction cloud software - that is, backend systems in support of mobile and web applications to assist users throughout the lifecycle of the design, planning, construction, and maintenance of a physical construction project. My goal is to retrain in data science, both as a longstanding personal interest, and as a means to shift into a more data-focused role in my career.

On a more personal level, I'm an avid practitioner of vinyasa yoga, love exploring the outdoors, still enjoy video games as I approach middle age, and my wife and I have four animals - an English setter, a chihuahua, and two Scottish fold cats. They mostly get along. I also received Lazik surgery recently, so you will see me without glasses - I'll get an updated photo at some point. I am currently based in Portland, OR, but my location will likely change within the year. 

Last updated:

June 20, 2024