Carlos Crespo

MIDS Student


As a production engineer for the aerospace industry and a generally curious person I want to learn more about this exciting new field, how and why it works, how to implement it and ultimately learn how these techniques can help identify problems and improve the production system and life in general. ML, AI, Data mining and analysis I want to learn it all.


Data Science
Software Development


Gained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico and have been working in the aerospace industry since. I’m my time in industry I’ve held different roles ranging from structural analysis, automation and robotics R&D developing prototype manufacturing equipment and as of late I’ve been working as a failure analysis and reliability engineer for manufacturing systems.

In this current role I’m in charge improving the reliability and efficiency of complex automation equipment. I’ve been using data from various sources, ranging from email reports to equipment logs and monitoring equipment to track down sources of failure or inefficiencies.

With the knowledge gained from the MIDS program I’m hoping to learn how to better automate this process as it is quite laborious and time consuming as well as learning how to build more complex models to help me answer deeper more intricate questions.

On the side, I’m also generally interested in AI/ML and hope to gain inspiration on how can they be applied to improve our day to day lives in simple and cleaver ways.

Professional Interests:

  • Data analysis and model building
  • AI/ML and how they can be applied to failure analysis
  • How these are applied in other industries
  • How to look for data from emails or text reports
  • Expand my professional network

Personal Interest:

  • Mountain Biking, health, boating and sci-fi

Last updated:

September 30, 2022