Benjamin Spooner

Alumni (MIDS 2016)


I'm a Senior Analyst with PennyMac Loan Services, LLC. My qualifications include: -- Masters in Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley (Expected graduation August 2016). • Hadoop, AWS, machine learning, Statistics in R and python libraries, distributed data structures, and visualization in Javascript D3, JavaScript and Tableau -- 5 years' experience as Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Officer. -- B.S. in Computer Science • programming/scripting experience including Unix Shell, C++, Java, and Python -- B.S. in Economics • focus on statistical analysis, advanced regression, game theory, and econometrics -- Experience with inferential statistical techniques and statistical data analysis using R and Python. -- Able to effectively communicate findings to technical and non-technical audiences Specialties: - Analysis rooted in a depth of operational experience - Advanced leadership and organizational experience See less


California Native, grew up in Ventura County.

2003 - 2007: West Point Graduate with dual major Economics and Comparative Politics.

2007 - 2012: US Army Recon Officer

2014: Oregon State University Bachelors of Computer Science

2015-2016: Analyst for Centene Corp.

2015-2016: Berkeley Masters of Information and Data Science

2017 - Present: Senior Analyst with Pennymac Loan Servicing

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September 29, 2023