Autumn Rains

MIDS Student


Advancing Data Science in the Industrial Water Treatment World - Products, Sustainability


Business Strategy
Data Science
Product Management


Recovering Chemical Engineer (B.S., Purdue 2010) turned Data Enthusiast, I have been in Product Management roles for the previous nine years in the public sector. Currently, I am working within the Industrial Water space but also have experience in Oil & Gas as well as the Semiconductor space. Data Science was a field I discovered while researching Power BI templates and other visualization dashboard best practices for work. 

From my observations, individuals or managers that strive to utilize data to drive business decisions tend to have a higher rate of success within projects for companies and/or customers. I have also personally experienced that even the best efforts to influence decisions with data can be meaningless if the message is not understood by the intended audience. Given that data is not always straightforward or 'clean', it requires a unique skillset to interpret it while also being able to communicate or present compelling stories to drive decisions in a meaninful way. People with these skills are incredible minds. Personally, I strive to cultivate these skillsets while enrolled in the MIDS program in the Spring '21 cohort at UC Berkeley.

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February 26, 2021