Ashutosh Tiwari

MIMS Student 2025


Entrepreneurship, AI Product Strategy and Management, Decision Intelligence


Business Strategy
Data Science
Product Management


I am a "Software Savvy" Engineer turned Product leader, wielding a strategic mindset to transform pressing problems into user-sticky products with deep expertise in engineering, management, and leadership. I love to spend my weekends brainstorming entrepreneurial ideas and fail, only to start again.I have always loved to build and manage products.

I am passionate about Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Research, emerging technologies, and open source. I've extensively worked on managing products involving Machine Learning, AI, and Data pipelines dovetailing with other Front-end and back-end engineering technologies. Throughout my journey, I have learned the What? Why? Who? and How? of scale efficient consumer-centric products, continuously adding value to businesses and developing equitable, inclusive, and just product solutions, now trying to do more of it at UC Berkeley...

Last updated:

June 21, 2024