Angela Gunn

Alumni (MIDS 2016)


Using business data to bring useful insights. The world is full of data that has been collected just because it could be collected. Everything from change logs to usage patterns can give valuable insights into how businesses interact with their customers and their employees.


Data Science
Product Management
Project Management
User Experience Design & Research


I came into the MIDS program with strong business/systems analyst experience mixed in with project management and quality assurance training. I enrolled in MIDS to bring a new focus to my career in the form of data. The MIDS program also allowed me to return to my programming roots and build applications and logic in Python and R, as well as understand the potential data of all kinds can play in organizations big and small.

I am currently employed at Vale Insurance Partners, a growing company that offers a variety of insurance products well beyond your consumer home and auto insurance. I play a leading role in the development of the systems to manage the insurance policies, with the goal to build models of the data to grow the business further by understanding the customers across products.


Last updated:

February 25, 2024