Angel Vossough

Angel Vossough

Alumni (MIDS 2022)


Master degree student in Data Science


Data Science


Angel is an accomplished technology leader and social entrepreneur. She has bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Computer Engineering. She holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering focused in Computer Networking from SJSU. 

Angel worked at Cisco Systems as a Network Engineer and IOS architecture expert for more than 10 years. Along the way, Angel helped start two philanthropic startups, and Founded in 2005, is one of the top Persian events websites, and includes a popular Persian calendar service featured as a prominent Facebook app. Over 20,000 people use 7rooz to access events and news around the world. Sarkhat is a Persian news aggregator which crawls thousands of websites every day and uses machine learning to cluster content into various categories for the benefit of its readers. Angel recently founded DiverseUp, a benefit corporation that serves professional women seeking to expand their careers and achieve work-life balance. DiverseUp provides women an inside look into which companies’ policies and culture are female-friendly, and matches them with job opportunities. DiverseUp's goal is to bring transparency to work practices, measure policy effectiveness, and help the technology sector attract and retain female talent.

Last updated:

December 1, 2023