Alan Tan

Alumni (MIDS 2019)


CTO, Acerta Analytics Solutions


Information Architecture
Project Management


Alan Tan is the CTO of Acerta Analytics Solutions. 

Acerta focuses on bringing Data Science into the hands of manufacturing staffs whose fast paced working schedule are mostly driven by the need for maintaining consistent production output. Human aspect of incorporating ML into a mature, established working environments that produce physical goods is an underserved area Acerta strives to bridge the gap.

We aim to deliver concise, timely (minutes if not seconds), actionable ML results to production line staff when (and only when) an impact to product is anticipated. In other words, Acerta focus on lowering the ML consumption barrier, making using ML a much easier and enjoyable for manufacturing plant personnels.

Alan was the SVP of Engineering at Intelex Technology ULC, a leading provider of EHS software solutions. 

Before Intelex, Alan was a Sr. Direct of SAP DBS N.A. Leonardo Digital Transformation Service delivery group, covering portfolio including IOT, machine learning, and Blockchain.  

As a lifetime technology enthusiast, Alan started his journey on computers in the late 70's when he was 6.  He has learned (and forgot) some of the early computing languages including LISP, ProLog, etc, and had worked on a Notebook BIOS in assembly before he entered into university. 

Joining SAP a decade ago, Alan has been leading several technical consulting initiatives, including the introduction of SAP HANA in-memory database and analytic solutions.  He is a well-liked leader that led his team to high achieving success by growing team members capabilities and skills. 

He is also an MBA with Kellogg School of Business. 

Last updated:

April 13, 2024