Nov 27, 2017

Steve Weber’s Take on the North Korea Situation

From California Magazine

War Footing: A Cal Expert’s Take on the North Korea Situation

By Glen Martin

Of all the potential flash points around the world these days, none are more worrisome than North Korea. The Hermit Kingdom is a black box, and it’s exceedingly difficult to know what’s going on within its borders. A couple of things, however, are clear: its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities are improving, and the mutual bellicosity between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are making a bad situation worse.

Evaluating the objective risk of war is thus difficult, but UC Berkeley political science and information professor Steven Weber has a better vantage on the situation than most. Weber is a past consultant to the U.S. Commission on National Security in the 21st Century, a former director of Berkeley’s Institute of International Studies, and a former academic fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations. He spends quite a bit of time these days thinking about North Korea and the various scenarios that may play out. He also prefaces any discussion of the topic with a caveat: he doesn’t have a security clearance, so all his opinions are based on unclassified material and press coverage....


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November 28, 2017