Mar 16, 2020

David Bamman Lectures to an Empty Room

From The 74

Scenes From a Lost School Year: Photos From the Month Coronavirus Derailed Classrooms & Campuses

By Meghan Gallagher

The number of classrooms and school districts and states affected by the escalating COVID-19 crisis seems to be multiplying by the day. As of midday Monday, more than 30 million students across at least 31 states were told to stay home from campus. The mass exodus from one of our most vivid and essential gathering places has resulted in images that are both startling and surreal. We’ve scanned the wires and the social platforms over the past few days to gather these remarkable scenes from an interrupted school year...

UC Berkeley assistant professor David Bamman tweeted: “In-person classes are canceled at Berkeley but my class recordings still go on at the same place at the same time, so I give an NLP performance to an empty room.”


David Bamman is an assistant professor at the School of Information.

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June 12, 2020