Mar 11, 2024

A “Bad Job of Photoshopping”? Hany Farid Speaks to BBC About Viral Princess Kate Photo

From BBC Verify

Princess of Wales: How might have Kate's photo been altered?

By Andre Rhoden-Paul, Joshua Cheetham & Jake Horton

The Princess of Wales has apologised for confusion over edits to a newly released photo which was pulled by several major photo agencies over concerns the image was “manipulated”.

The picture, taken by Prince William for Mother’s Day, had been the first image released by Kensington Palace since Catherine’s surgery in January amid intense speculation about her health...

BBC Verify has spoken to Prof Hany Farid, an expert in image analysis, who said the editing could be a “bad job of photoshopping”. 

He identified a missing portion of the cuff on Princess Charlotte’s jumper and a blur on Catherine’s right hand and in hair on the right of her face...

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Hany Farid is a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences and the School of Information at UC Berkeley and a senior advisor to the Counter Extremism Project.

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March 13, 2024