Jan 25, 2023

Professor John Chuang and Ph.D. Student Ando Shah Work With OpenEarth Foundation

From The Daily Californian

OpenEarth Foundation, Chainlink and UC Berkeley partner to create carbon pricing oracle

By Clarissa Arceo

OpenEarth Foundation has launched a partnership with UC Berkeley and Chainlink, creating a new pricing oracle tool to assess the social costs of carbon, according to founder and executive director of the OpenEarth Foundation Martin Wainstein...

The collaboration between Chainlink, OpenEarth Foundation and UC Berkeley is like a “potluck,” according to Wainstein. He said a PhD student [Ando Shah] and supervisor [John Chuang] from the campus School of Information will provide support for the project, and Chainlink and OpenEarth Foundation will contribute funding, in addition to work on the project.


John Chuang is a professor of the UC Berkeley School of Information, specializing in climate informatics, biosensory computing, and incentive-centered design. He also leads the BioSENSE Lab.

Ando Shah is a Ph.D. student at the I School interested in studying how to maximize co-benefits for ecosystems and human stakeholders. He is also one of the recipients of the 2022-23 Quigley/Heffernan Family Environmental Fellowship. 

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February 16, 2023