Oct 30, 2023

Professor Emeritus Steve Weber Gives His Thoughts on Biden’s Executive Order on AI

From MarketWatch

Biden’s executive order on AI could reshape the technology’s impact on economy, national security

By Jon Swartz

President Joe Biden’s sweeping executive order on artificial intelligence issued Monday afternoon could greatly shape how AI evolves as it extends its tentacles into the U.S. economy and national security.

The order will require the tech industry to develop safety and security standards, introduce new consumer protections, and ease barriers to immigration for highly-skilled workers...

“The executive order is stunning in its broad sweep and ambition,” Steve Weber, a professor at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, said in a statement. “Much of it will never be effectively implemented, but that’s not really the point. The president is now on the same side of the debate about the importance of AI with [OpenAI Chief Executive] Sam Altman, [venture capitalist] Marc Andreessen, and [Microsoft Corp. MSFT, -0.57% CEO] Satya Nadella...”  


Steven Weber is a professor emeritus of the I School, retiring in 2021. He previously served as the faculty director at the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity (CLTC).

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November 2, 2023