Apr 24, 2023

Marti Hearst Appears on TWIML AI Podcast: Are LLMs Overhyped or Underappreciated?

From The TWIML AI Podcast

Are LLMs Overhyped or Underappreciated?​​​​

By John Bohannan

Today we’re joined by Marti Hearst, Professor at UC Berkeley. In our conversation with Marti,  we explore the intricacies of AI language models, their usefulness in improving efficiency, and their potential for spreading misinformation. Marti expresses skepticism about whether these models truly have cognition compared to the nuance of the human brain. We discuss the intersection of language and visualization and the need for specialized research to ensure safety and appropriateness for specific uses. We also delve into the latest tools and algorithms such as Copilot and Chat GPT, which enhance programming and help in identifying comparisons, respectively. Finally, we discuss Marti’s long research history in search and her breakthrough in developing a standard interaction that allows for finding items on websites and library catalogs.

Watch the interview or listen to the podcast.

Marti Hearst is the Head of School at the I School and a professor primarily focused on information visualization, computational linguistics, and search and information retrieval. 

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April 26, 2023