Apr 4, 2023

Hany Farid Appears on Lead Balloon Podcast to Discuss Deepfakes

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Lead Balloon Ep. 41 - Deepfakes: How Communicators Must Prepare Now for this Reputation Threat

By Dusty Weis

It is now only a matter of time until someone attacks your reputation with a deepfake, according to the experts.

So-called deepfake technology, which can synthesize audio and video of things that never happened, has arrived en masse.

And, while these tools for generating potential disinformation were previously only available to trained experts and big institutions, recent advances in artificial intelligence technology mean that ANYONE can create fake videos... nearly instantly, with little to no training, for FREE.

Accordingly, experts like Dr. Hany Farid from UC-Berkeley say deepfakes are suddenly being used the wage disinformation campaigns every day...

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript.

Hany Farid is a professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information and EECS. He specializes in digital forensics.

headshot hany farid
Hany Farid (Photo by Brittany Hosea-Small for the School of Information)

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April 11, 2023