Feb 28, 2023

FedScoop on Deirdre Mulligan’s White House Appointment

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Deirdre Mulligan appointed White House deputy chief technology officer for policy

By John Hewitt Jones

The Biden administration has appointed UC Berkley law professor Deirdre Mulligan as deputy United States chief technology officer for policy.

In the role, she will work to ensure that U.S. government policy is informed by tech and data expertise and will also act as a principal adviser to the National AI Initiative Office. Mulligan takes over from Lynne Parker, who last year stepped down from the post to return to academia.

While serving in the White House, she will be on leave from UC Berkeley, and in the new role will draw on her academic research, which focuses on how regulatory choices shape privacy and online content moderation practices and definitions of emerging “responsible AI” practices...

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Deirdre Mulligan is a professor at the I School focusing on legal and technical means of protecting values such as privacy, freedom of expression, and fairness in emerging technical systems.

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March 3, 2023