Apr 10, 2023

The Daily Californian Speaks to Coye Cheshire about AI and the Humanities

From The Daily Californian

To what extent will AI impact arts, humanities

By Chris Ceguerra

Artificial intelligence, or AI, channels human desires and imagination into creative output. This troubles creatives — writers, musicians, artists, and the like — as technology imposes new conventions in how they do their craft.

In the past months, creatives have grown more concerned about how AI is changing the industry and threatening their job security to the extent that creative roles might become obsolete. New technologies upset creatives as they feel robbed of opportunities with AI generating illustrations on their behalf. People who use AI to write literature and business communications also pose a threat for individuals who write for a living. 

The Daily Californian sat down to interview Coye Cheshire, a sociological social psychologist and professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information. Cheshire holds a doctorate degree in sociology from Stanford University and studies technology-mediated interactions and human behavior toward social networks. He offered his perspective on our current relationship with AI and information technology during our conversation...


Coye Cheshire is a professor at the I School researching sociological social psychology and group processes, with a focus in social exchange, cooperation, and trust in technology-mediated environments.

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April 26, 2023