Apr 22, 2022

UC Berkeley I School Is on List of Top US Information Science Programs

From Study International

The US universities where tomorrow’s Information Science changemakers are made

With the vast troves of personal data collected, organised, stored, retrieved, interpreted and used today, there’s never been an exhilarating time to join the Information Science field...

UC Berkeley

A community of scholars, practitioners, and students. Four degree programmes, two on campus and two online. Academic excellence combined with intimacy and camaraderie. A multi-disciplinary faculty that includes world-class scholars, plus experienced professionals from leading Bay Area companies. An alumni network that connects students to policymakers, businesses, and nonprofit organisations.

These features define the UC Berkeley School of Information. At this graduate research and education community, students and staff are working towards expanding access to information, making it more usable, reliable and credible while preserving security and privacy. They collaborate with scholars from diverse fields — information and computer science, design, social sciences, management, law, and policy...

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May 3, 2022