Mar 21, 2022

MIMS Student Interviewed on KALX The Graduates Podcast

From KALX The Graduates podcast

Tara Lepore and Bea Fadrigon

Host Andrew Saintsing

Hi, you’re tuned into 90.7 FM KALX Berkeley. I'm Andrew Saintsing, and this is The Graduates, the interview talk show where we speak to UC Berkeley graduate students about their work here on campus and around the world. Today, I'm joined by Tara Lepore, from the Department of Integrative Biology, and Bea Fadrigon, from the School of Information. They're both members and leaders of Queer Grads, and we're going to talk more about that organization in a second, but I want to start by talking about their research...

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Bea Fadrigon is a student in the Master of Information Management and Systems (MIMS) program. 

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April 20, 2022