Apr 22, 2022

Hany Farid on Deepfakes, Lies, and Cheerleading

From WBUR Endless Thread

The faker: Deepfakes, lies, and cheerleading

By Dean Russell, Ben Brock Johnson, and Amory Sivertson

Sixteen-year-old M.H. was excited for another year on her cheerleading squad in suburban Pennsylvania. But the year was cut short when an anonymous number texted a video of her vaping to her parents and the cheerleading coaches. Vaping was against the squad’s code of conduct. The thing was, when local police investigated, they determined that the video wasn’t of M.H. According to officials, it was a deepfake sent by another cheerleader’s mother...

Hany Farid: So, is this the case? Is, is this the one where we see deepfakes really penetrating into the public?

Ben: So we went to a few experts. Danielle Citron, at the University of Virginia’s LawTech Center.

Danielle: I have long been writing about intimate privacy, so the privacy around our most intimate parts of ourselves and our lives. 

Ben: And Hany Farid, at the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Ben: Professor Farid, give me a day in the life of a guy working at the Berkeley AI Lab. Do you show up, do the my-voice-is-my-passport-please-verify thing from Sneakers, and, like, high-five a robot? What is it like?

Hany: You wish it would be that cool. Usually, I'm, like, fumbling around for my keys, trying to figure out how to get into my office... 

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Hany Farid is a professor of information and electrical engineering & computer sciences at UC Berkeley.

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