Jan 25, 2022

Andrew Reddie Weighs In on Belarusian Cyber Attacks in the Context of the Russia-Ukraine Situation.

From Washington Post

Hacking group claims control of Belarusian railroads in move to ‘disrupt’ Russian troops heading near Ukraine

Bryan Pietsch

A group of pro-democracy hackers calling themselves “Cyber Partisans” said Monday they had infiltrated the Belarusian rail network in an effort to “disrupt” the movement of Russian troops into the country as tensions over a potential renewed invasion of Ukraine grow...

“Critical infrastructure, in Belarus and around the world, represents something of a soft target for ransomware attacks,” said Andrew Reddie, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Information. But he added that it was still too early for cybersecurity researchers to “definitively” confirm the attack...

The group was “fairly well known and tied to pro-democracy protests” over the past couple of years in Belarus, Reddie said, noting that the use of ransomware to “coerce a government actor rather than pursue financial gain … is fairly unique.”


Andrew Reddie is an Assistant Professor of Practice at the School of Information.

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February 16, 2022