May 27, 2021

Ph.D. Student Doris Lee on Data Exploration with a New Python Library

From Software Engineering Daily

Data Exploration with a New Python Library with Doris Lee

By Mert Saner

Data exploration uses visual exploration to understand what is in a dataset and the characteristics of the data. Data scientists explore data to understand things like customer behavior and resource utilization. Some common programming languages used for data exploration are Python, R, and Matlab. 

Doris Jung-Lin Lee is currently a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of California, Berkeley, also earning a PhD in Information Management and Systems. Doris also did her undergrad at Berkeley, studying physics and astrophysics. She is currently developing Lux, a Python library for accelerating and simplifying the process of data exploration. Her research and work with Lux is aimed to make data science more intuitive and accessible to end users. In this episode Doris joins us to discuss data exploration and her research and development of Lux...

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Doris Lee is a Ph.D. student at the UC Berkeley School of Information.

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June 24, 2021