Jan 13, 2021

Jeffrey MacKie-Mason Explains the Debate Over Open Access Publishing

From Daily Cal

UC Berkeley faculty lead global efforts to increase access to research

By Emma Rooholfada

Open access publishing has been on the rise in recent years, and UC Berkeley is helping lead the movement away from traditional, subscription-based publishing models...

“We’re not talking about changing the way that the journals do their editorial work. We’re not talking about changing the standards — there’s no need to do that,” said Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, UC Berkeley’s university librarian and professor in the campus School of Information and the department of economics. “It’s only a question of how they get their money, and there are different business models for providing the money...”

MacKie-Mason said there is mostly universal consensus within the scientific community that open access is beneficial, but there are concerns about the best way to implement it.


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January 20, 2021