Jan 11, 2021

Deirdre Mulligan on Surveillance Techology for Cities

From Smart Cities Dive

City Surveillance Watch: Balancing Act

By Kate Kaye

When does a smart city become an overly-surveilled city?

In this first episode of City Surveillance Watch, a limited podcast series from Smart Cities Dive, reporter Kate Kaye explores the inherent dichotomy of data-hungry technologies that, while promising to make cities safer and more efficient, can also be considered forms of surveillance tech...

Deirdre Mulligan helped Oakland develop and pass its surveillance tech ordinance. Until recently she sat on Oakland’s privacy advisory commission – the one that Brian Hofer chairs.

DEIRDRE MULLIGAN: I think people often think about, oh, surveillance technology – it’s going to be the IMSI catcher, you know, or the drone, or, you know, the police coming in with a new set of video surveillance cameras...

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Deirdre K. Mulligan is a Professor in the School of Information at UC Berkeley. Her research explores legal and technical means of protecting values such as privacy, freedom of expression, and fairness in emerging technical systems.  

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January 14, 2021