Jun 4, 2021

Ashkan Soltani on Legislation to Protect Data Privacy

From NPR

State Legislatures Advance Bills Protecting Data Privacy

By Bobby Allyn

Congress is dithering on legislation to rein in the power of the tech industry, leaving states to come up with their own laws about data collection and privacy.


Lawmakers in Washington talk a lot about reining in technology companies, but they're not really doing anything. So state legislatures are trying. They've advanced dozens of bills, but making law means going up against Silicon Valley and its lobbyists...

ASHKAN SOLTANI: For two decades, industry would argue that self-regulation is sufficient and not to meddle with the golden goose that's the internet.

ALLYN: Ashkan Soltani is a data privacy advocate and a former Federal Trade Commission official. Now he says Silicon Valley views some type of regulation as unavoidable. Companies like Facebook have even publicly welcomed it.

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Ashkan Soltani is an alumnus of the School of Information (MIMS 2009).

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June 7, 2021