MIDS and MICS graduates from the Class of 2019
Jan 13, 2020

January 2020 Commencement Awards Honor Graduates

The School of Information’s January 2020 commencement ceremony presented an opportunity to honor both faculty and student achievements.

Professor Chris Hoofnagle presented the outstanding capstone project award for the Master of Information and Cybersecurity program.

Professor Alex Hughes, MIDS Head Graduate Advisor, presented the awards for outstanding capstone projects for the Master of Information and Data Science program.

Jennifer Chayes, Associate Provost, Division of Data Science & Information and Dean, School of Information, presented awards to outstanding instructors in both the MIDS and MICS programs.

Hal R. Varian MIDS Capstone Award

Summer 2019

Snout: Augmented Intelligence Mushroom Classification
Andrew Larimer, Kathryn Papandrew, Daniel Rasband, Rahul Vaswani

Snout is a mobile app that leverages augmented intelligence to bring this educational technology solution to the edge. Snout brings a field guide and the guidance of a seasoned mushroom expert together to interact with the user in guiding them through the steps to responsibly assess a mushroom they've found to determine its species.

Fall 2019

FairAir: Filling the gaps in air pollution monitoring
Ben Arnoldy, Jake Miller, Sameed Musvee, Mark Paluta, Angshuman Paul

Using dynamic and static features, plus readings from existing Purple Air sensors, a random forest-based model creates “virtual sensors” with hourly predictions at a resolution of 500 meters. FairAir predicts which areas with sparse sensor coverage have the worst air pollution and recommends the best place to put new sensors. Optimal placement of sensors ensures disadvantaged communities have access to air quality data, improves air quality models for everyone, and saves money from being wasted on redundant sensors.

Lily L. Chang MICS Capstone Award

HIPAA for All
Daren Childers and Serena Villalobos

Rather than continue to implement security standards that drive toward HIPAA compliance blindly, HIPAA for All will develop a toolkit to help the small office achieve targeted security that addresses HIPAA and cybersecurity compliance from a risk management approach. The process will offer the small office manager, staff or doctor with the ability to easily identify their assets, highlight critical assets, define their workflow, follow PHI through their workflow and use this to determine cybersecurity and privacy compliance requirements.

Faculty Awards

Distinguished Faculty Award (MIDS program): Kyle Hamilton, DATASCI W261, Machine Learning at Scale (Summer and Fall 2019)

Distinguished Faculty Award (MICS program): Daniel Aranki, CYBER W233, Privacy Engineering

Student Awards

Outstanding Teaching Assistant (MIDS): Luis Villarreal, DATASCI W261

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