Aug 10, 2020

Data Voids on Social Networks are Spreading Misinformation and Causing Harm

From NiemanLab

People are using Facebook and Instagram as search engines. During a pandemic, that’s dangerous.

By Tommy Shane

Data voids on social networks are spreading misinformation and causing real world harm.

Everyone needs access to credible information during a pandemic. Without it, people die...

These invisible moments of vulnerability are known as data voids: when there are high levels of demand for information on a topic, but low levels of credible supply. Data voids were first defined by Michael Golebiewski and danah boyd in 2019, and describe vulnerabilities that emerge from search engines like Google...


danah boyd received her Ph.D. from the UC Berkeley School of Information and is the founder of the Data & Society Research Institute. She is also a researcher at Microsoft and a visiting professor at New York University. 

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August 21, 2020