Jul 20, 2020

Alumnus Haroon Choudery Gives Back with ‘AI for Anyone’


These young immigrant brothers are teaching A.I. to high-schoolers for free: We want to give kids ‘a lucky break’

By Catherine Clifford

Since 20-something brothers Haroon and Hamza Choudery immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, [from] rural Pakistan in 1998, their lives have been changed by technology in both amazing and devastating ways...

In 2011, Haroon won a Gates Millennium scholarship, which gave him a full ride (including tuition, housing, food and transportation) to both Penn State for undergrad and to University of California, Berkeley, where he got his masters in information and data science. After college, Haroon did data science work for Mark Cuban Companies and was a technology consultant at Deloitte Consulting. He is now a data scientist at Komodo Health...

In 2017, Haroon, Hamza and their friend Mac McMahon started AI for Anyone with $5,000 of their own money.

The idea was to educate those who might be at risk of having their livelihood affected by artificial intelligence and arm them for the future...


Haroon Choudery graduated from the Master's of Information and Data Science program in 2017. He founded the non-profit ‘AI for Anyone’ as a MIDS student.

Haroon Choudery
Haroon Choudery teaching a workshop. Photo courtesy A.I. for Anyone.
Haroon (left) and Hamza Choudery.
Haroon (left) and Hamza Choudery. Photo courtesy A.I. for Anyone

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July 21, 2020