Mar 6, 2019

Ashkan Soltani Criticizes Facebook's Promise for More Private And Self-Destructing Messages

From NPR

Facebook Promises More Private And Self-Destructing Messages

By Aarti Shahani

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promises to bring end-to-end encryption and self-destruct features to Messenger and other Facebook apps, in a move meant to signal the tech behemoth's commitment to privacy. He announced the proposed changes in a a blog post Wednesday...

Ashkan Soltani, an architect of sweeping privacy legislation that passed in California last year, criticized Facebook's announcement on Twitter.

He questioned the timing of the Facebook changes to private messages, calling the move a "competition play to head off any potential regulatory efforts to limit data sharing across services," Soltani wrote.

He said the move, allowing apps like Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp to all talk to each other, could further lock in Facebook as the dominant messaging platform...


Ashkan Soltani (MIMS 2009) is an I School alum. He is an independent researcher and technologist specializing in privacy, security, and behavioral economics.

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March 13, 2019