Apr 11, 2019

Alumni Startup ‘Polymorph Labs’ Acquired by Walmart

From TechCrunch

Walmart acquires adtech startup Polymorph Labs to scale up its ad business

By Sarah Perez

Amazon has a large and growing advertising business, but rival Walmart’s own ad business is much smaller. It’s now working to change that. Earlier this year, the retailer consolidated ad sales for its stores and websites and said it was ready to start monetizing its shopper data on a grander scale. Today, its efforts continue as Walmart says it has bought the advertising technology company Polymorph Labs to help it better compete via online digital ads, targeted using shopper data...

Polymorph Labs was founded in 2013, and had proven its tech over the past five years, Walmart notes. Previously known as AdsNative, Polymorph Labs had raised $10.6 million from Rakuten Ventures, Interwest Partners and Onset Ventures, according to Crunchbase.

The company had fewer than 50 total employees, including full-time employees and contractors. Founders Satish Polisetti (CEO) and Dhawal Mujumdar are both joining, and Walmart is making offers to the full-time team.


Polymorph was co-founded by School of Information alumni Satish Polisetti (MIMS ’11) and Dhawal Mujumdar (MIMS ’11).

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April 18, 2019