Apr 17, 2018

Chris Hoofnagle Thinks the FTC Is Unlikely to Punish Facebook

From USA Today

Will the FTC come down hard on Facebook? It's only happened twice in 20 years

By Elizabeth Weise

SAN FRANCISCO – If Facebook has to pay a Federal Trade Commission penalty for the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, it will join a very short list of companies to have done so....

In Facebook's case, FTC commissioners now must determine whether the company did indeed violate the terms of its settlement. Experts don't agree on what that outcome might be.

“One has to make an argument that consumers were deceived about friend information sharing, and that’s a difficult point to prove,” said Chris Hoofnagle, a law professor a the University of California at Berkeley and author of Federal Trade Commission Privacy Law and Policy.


Chris Hoofnagle is an adjunct professor at the Berkeley School of Information and the Berkeley School of Law.

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May 3, 2018