MIDS students
Nov 16, 2017

Berkeley MIDS in Action

“What we’ve learned here is that you can provide very high quality, high touch education online, and that is going to open up access to people all over the world, and it will, I think, transform higher education as we know it.”
– AnnaLee Saxenian, Dean, School of Information

Watch our new video for an insider’s view of our Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) degree program. Hear from faculty, get an glimpse inside the online classroom, and watch MIDS graduates discuss the program and what they got out of it.

Watch the full three and a half minute video, or an abbreviated one and a half minute version to learn more about how MIDS operates and what it offers.

“The degree program had what I wanted in order to gain those skills in order to have that social impact that I really wanted to have out of my career. I didn’t want to always be coming up with the next great business app, I wanted to do better, and this gave me the tools to do that”

–Martin Neuhard, MIDS 2017, Lead Data Scientist, DXC

The Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program is an innovative part-time fully online program that trains data-savvy professionals and managers. Working with data at scale requires distinctive new skills and tools. The MIDS program is distinguished by its disciplinary breadth; unlike other programs that focus on advanced mathematics and modeling alone, the MIDS degree provides students insights from social science and policy research, as well as statistics, computer science and engineering.

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February 27, 2018