Feb 24, 2016

Nick Doty in the LA Times: Apple, the FBI, and the Implications of Data in the Cloud

From the Los Angeles Times

While the FBI battles Apple over encryption, pushback from the tech industry persists

By Paresh Dave

The FBI hasn't made any headway in its standoff with Apple Inc., and the bitter feud isn't changing minds at competitors either.

Several tech executives have voiced their support for Apple and are forging ahead with their plans for greater privacy, arguing that what consumers want is more control over their devices and no backdoors for governments....

Google, Amazon.com Inc., Apple and other online services typically "have the ability, if compelled, to look at the data" they store, said Nick Doty, director of UC Berkeley's Center for Technology, Society and Policy. It allowed them to provide functionality like password resets and speedy customer service.

But in newer systems, the companies don't have a master key. Some features are lost, but the downsides will be fewer over time, experts say....


Nick Doty is a School of Information Ph.D. student and the co-director of the School’s Center for Technology, Society and Policy.

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October 4, 2016