Mar 21, 2016

Deirdre Mulligan Discusses Privacy as Apple's Business Model

From Reuters

'Privacy Czars' Make the Calls at Apple

Approval doesn’t come easy.

As Apple feuds with the U.S. government over iPhone privacy protections, the tech giant is also grappling with internal conflicts over privacy that could pose challenges to its long-term product strategy.

Unlike Google, Amazon and Facebook, Apple is loathe to use customer data to deliver targeted advertising or personalized recommendations. Indeed, any collection of Apple customer data requires sign-off from a committee of three “privacy czars” and a top executive, according to four former employees who worked on a variety of products that went through privacy vetting....

The consensus among privacy experts is that privacy enforcement is more stringent at Apple because of the company’s business model.

“Some of the data-intensive companies have very rich privacy practices,” said Deirdre Mulligan, an associate professor at UC Berkeley who studies privacy. But “there’s a lot more negotiating and disagreement than you might find in a company that is not trying to make their money off data.”...


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October 4, 2016