Sep 15, 2015

New Center to Fund Research on Technology, Society, and Policy

Is technology affecting our mental health? Can technology support free speech and still protect against harassment? How do we embed our biases in big data algorithms? The Center for Technology, Society & Policy wants to explore these questions and more.

The Center for Technology, Society & Policy (CTSP) is a new multidisciplinary research and design center in the School of Information focused on emergent social and policy issues of technology. CTSP has announced its first annual Request for Proposals. Graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines are invited to submit proposals for short-term collaborative projects.

Projects may include publishable research, a design or engineering prototype, a whitepaper or regulatory proposal, a public event, a documentary film, or other outcomes.

Each member of an accepted project proposal team becomes a CTSP Fellow for one year and receives $1,500 in funding toward the project. Projects should address one or more of CTSP’s four focus areas, broadly defined: engineering ethics; technology and well-being; infrastructure, standards, and governance; and digital citizenship. Applications open on September 28 and are due by October 12, 2015. View more details on the CTSP website.

CTSP also announced Citizen Technologist, a new blog for writings from, for and about citizen technologists, those working at the intersection of technical architecture, social norms, and public policy. If you are interested in writing for the blog, the center welcomes your participation.

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October 4, 2016