Dec 9, 2015

MIMS Graduates Poised for Success: The 2015 Career Report

The newest I School MIMS career report shows that graduates are in demand more than ever before. They are well-prepared for success in their chosen career paths, because of their unique skill sets and experiences, informed by a cross-disciplinary curriculum which allows them to pursue their specific interests and passions.

2015 graduates found positions in a wide variety of fulfilling roles, including: data curator, data visualization engineer, data scientist, sales engineer, back-end engineer, front-end engineer, product manager, interface developer, UX designer, and UX researcher.

They went to a variety of workplaces: big companies like Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn; startups like Building Robotics, Twilio, and Uber; consulting positions at Deloitte, and EY Analytics; and nonprofits like the International Computer Science Institute and the Berkeley Institute of Data Science.

The median base salary increased $5,000 to $110,000 for 2015 grads — an increase of $20,000 over the last five years. They also saw significantly increased signing bonuses.

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(Career report layout designed by Stephanie Snipes, MIMS ’16.)

<a href="">Download PDF</a>
<a href="">Download PDF</a>

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October 4, 2016