May 18, 2015

An Interview with Privacy and Internet Use Expert Jen King

From The Recorder

Privacy and Internet Use Expert Jen King

By Ross Todd

As a Ph.D candidate at [the School of Information at] UC Berkeley, Jennifer King focuses on Internet privacy and how people interact with computers. After serving as an expert witness for the Federal Trade Commission, King can put something unique on her curriculum vitae: U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney of the Central District of California wrote that her testimony was "on-point and persuasive" in the FTC's 2012 case against Charles Gugliuzza, the former president of Commerce Planet Inc. The company sold Internet auction kits touted to be free, but automatically charged consumers $59.95 per month for enrollment in a separate program unless they opted out. Gugliuzza's case marked the first time the FTC had called an expert in King's field to testify. Her method for reviewing the way user agreements are presented online is seen as the gold standard among some consumer advocates....


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