Feb 18, 2014

I School Startup MobileWorks Revolutionizes Outsourcing

From KGO TV Channel 7

NOTE: MobileWorks was co-founded by School of Information alumni Prayag Narula (MIMS 2012), Philipp Gutheim (MIMS 2012), and David Rolnitzky (MIMS 2011). MobileWorks originated in the I School’s Fall 2010 social enterprise course and was a master’s final project in 2012.

Berkeley startup MobileWorks revolutionizes outsourcing

By Jonathan Bloom

A Berkeley-based startup is trying to change the way the world works. Its clients can be anywhere and its employees are everywhere. It's a new company that's on a job-sourcing mission and it's called MobileWorks.

"To create jobs for people who don't have access to traditional job market," said MobileWorks co-founder [and School of Information alumnus] Prayag Narula.

It began as a graduate school project at the University of California, Berkeley [School of Information].

"I don't think either of us thought, when we first began, that this would be something that's built out to be as big as it has," said MobileWorks CEO and Co-Founder Anand Kulkarni.

After winning a class contest, the MobileWorks group got into Y-Combinator, a startup accelerator that got them investors like Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian.

We've raised $2.1 million to date," said Kulkarni.

All for a startup that's a fresh take on outsourcing....

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