Aug 29, 2014

Eight New Data Visualizations

A collection of student projects from Data Visualization and Communication in the School of Information's Master of Information and Data Science program, summer 2014.


90 Minutes

Examine the evolution of the fan experience and history of the World Cup.

Elizabeth Peters
Josh Lu

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Chatty City

Learn about, explore, and search tweets in relation to US cities.

Kelsey Clubb
Milad Davaloo
Danny Wudka

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Data Broker Dashboard

Take a visual tour to experience first-hand the extent of consumer profiling.

Tony Abraham
Judd Heckman
Sean Wang

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Life Decisions Using Data

Explore and compare different aspects of life between the place where you currently live and the place you are planning to move.

Thiyagu Shanmuga
Nital Patwa
Tao Mao
Daniel Burley

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Select the best hospital for yourself or for a loved one.

Christopher Walker
Rahul Bansal
Joe Morales
Lisa Kirch



People Moving

Learn the story of global migration and asylum patterns.

Erin Boehmer
Nikhil Gopinath Kurup
Kunal Shah

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Inside #WorldCup 2014

Study the social essence of the World Cup.

Nikhita Koul
Sharon Lin
William Lewis

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Bay Area School Finder

Make the best school decision for your family.

Zachary Beaver
Sonali Dayal
Nathan Rogers
Sheraz Shere

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Annette Greiner. Christopher Arnold, and Todor Tzolov (T.A.).

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October 4, 2016