Sep 26, 2012

A Usability Analysis of Tablets as Books, by Alum Dan Turner (MIMS '11)

From UX Magazine

A Tablet Still Is Not a Book ... Not Yet

by Dan Turner

Reading on an iPad, or a tablet, just isn't the same as reading a book. And for me, it's not better. Even though I was, of course, excited about the prospect of an infinitely accessible library in a carry-on form, the fact is that when I try to read on the iPad, I'm doing so reluctantly, and I get through far fewer pages in a sitting than I'm used to.

In theory, I have thousands of paragraphs in that aluminum-and-glass enclosure that I'd love to get to, but in practice, it feels like a chore....


Dan Turner is a 2011 graduate of the School of Information MIMS program.

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