Jul 28, 2011

Student Paul Goodman Creates the Atlantic Wire's Chart of the Day

From The Atlantic Wire

Chart of the Day: A Map of the Most Dangerous Places for Journalists in Afghanistan

By Dino Grandoni

Today BBC reporter Ahmed Omed Khpulwak was among the 19 people killed in attacks in Afghanistan. Internews, a media development organization based in California, recently put together a fascinating, data-rich interactive detailing violence against journalists in Afghanistan over the past 10 years. The screenshot above shows how it charts incidents reported throughout the country. But the full interactive allows you to explore the data through time and place. The violence is concentrated in the northeast corner of the country, in and around Kabul, the national capital, and in the south near Kandahar, the nation's second largest city and a Taliban stronghold. [School of Information MIMS student] Paul Goodman, who worked on the project, writes that "the new site allows the public to access hundreds of reports through visualizations and to download it directly. With this site we're raising the profile of media freedom in a country often characterized as among the most dangerous in the world for journalists."...


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