Jan 30, 2011

New York Times Talks With I School Alum Matthew Rothenberg (MIMS 2006), Head of Flickr

From The New York Times

At Flickr, Fending Off Rumors and Facebook

By Verne G. Kopytoff

SAN FRANCISCO — Speculation in technology circles that Yahoo might close or sell Flickr, its photo-sharing service, prompted an emphatic denial this month.

“Is Yahoo committed to Flickr?” Blake Irving, Yahoo’s product chief, wrote in a message on Twitter. “Hell yes we are!”...

Matthew Rothenberg [(MIMS 2006)], who heads Flickr, said he did not worry about Facebook and its growing user base, but rather about the quality of Flickr’s service. The rest, he said, will take care of itself.

“To me it’s not a numbers game,” Mr. Rothenberg said. “I think we’re trying to build the best experience that we can and make sure our users are engaged and happy — and more and more of them will sign up.”...


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