Dec 2, 2011

Daniela Rosner Presents at Design & STS Workshop

School of Information doctoral student Daniela Rosner is one of the presenters at today’s Berkeley Design & STS workshop, which is exploring the social and cultural dynamics of contemporary design.

Rosner is a fourth-year doctoral student whose research investigates how technologies encode cultural histories, and traces the ways in which materials and technical skills intertwine. Her ethnographic fieldwork into design practices helps reveal the social conditions and cultural values that shape and are shaped by digital media. She was also one of the organizers of today’s workshop.

The workshop, sponsored by the UC Berkeley Center for Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society (CSTMS), is a chance to foster dialogue among the design-studies community, professional designers and architects, historians, and science and technology–studies scholars — communities which often engage very similar objects and problems.

From urban planning to the design of everyday objects to creating our digital landscape, questions of design lead each of these communities to rethink how the social is embedded in and shaped by the built environment. During today’s event — as well as similar events in the future —  CSTMS hopes to engage themes like: materials and their politics; fabrication, labor, and craft; the built, the made, the real, the discursive; changing conditions of knowledge- and thing-production; new and old; innovating, imitating, and replicating.

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