Sep 22, 2008

Microsoft Research Hires Doctoral Alumna danah boyd

From CNet
September 22, 2008

Microsoft hires social-net scholar danah boyd
By Caroline McCarthy

Danah boyd, a researcher best known for her ethnographic studies of social networks, has been tapped to be part of Microsoft Research New England, the company's new research facility in Cambridge, Mass.

"Going to (Microsoft Research) will allow me to continue the research I do and it will give me a productive, collaborative, interdisciplinary environment in which to do it," boyd wrote in a post on her blog on Sunday night. "There's amazing work at MSR concerning social media and even those at MSR-NE who are not working on social media are more than open to the topics engendered by it and more than ecstatic to engage with me. Being in a room full of scientists might not seem like the most obvious fit, but really, you have to meet them to understand how invigorating an environment it is."

Boyd will keep her gig as a fellow at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, but she's wrapping up her dissertation at the University of California at Berkeley [School of Information] and moving to the Boston area full-time. She says she'll join the Microsoft Research New England team in January.


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