May 22, 2008

InformationWeek Cites AnnaLee Saxenian's Research On Foreign Talent in Silicon Valley

From InformationWeek
May 23, 2008

For Indian Tech Entrepreneurs, Downturn Still Offers Opportunities

Four companies are formed, each funded with an average $7.5 million, every day of the week in the Silicon Valley in California, according to Vish Mishra, a venture capitalist and president-elect of TiE, a group that mentors immigrant talent for startups.

Mishra is president-elect of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), a technology professional networking group that is sometimes cited by researchers, such as the University of California at Berkeley Professor AnnaLee Saxenian, as one of the secrets of the Silicon Valley's success.

... Saxenian concluded in studies several years ago that TiE functioned as much as a social integrator of foreign talent into the Silicon Valley startup culture as it did as an economic force. It cuts across corporate boundaries and keeps talent moving around, including maintaining ties with firms and talent back home....


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