Nov 3, 2006

Hal R. Varian Collegiate Professorship established at University of Michigan

The Hal R. Varian Collegiate Professorship was recently established at the University of Michigan. Considered to be one of the highest honors bestowed upon faculty at the University of Michigan, the Collegiate Professorship is named in honor of a "former member of the UM faculty with the intent being to “express departmental, College, and University recognition and respect for a former faculty member."

Professor Varian holds the Class of 1944 Professorship, was the founding Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Information and currently holds appointments at the School of Information, the Haas School of Business and the Department of Economics. A member of the faculty at UM from 1977-1996, Varian was a Professor of Economics and Finance.

The Hal R. Varian Collegiate Professorship is currently held by Arthur Lupia, a Professor of Political Science at UM.

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