Oct 17, 2005

WSJ selects Downes' book as one of best on Internet and business

Associate Dean and Adjunct Professor Larry Downes' book, Unleashing The Killer App, was just named one of the Five Best Books on Internet and Business in the October 15th edition of the Wall Street Journal. Published by Harvard Business School Press in 1998, the analysis continues to deliver economic truths today.

The books on the list include:

  1. The Victorian Internet
    By Tom Standage
    Walker, 1998
  2. Electric Universe
    By David Bodanis
    Crown, 2005
  3. There Must Be A Pony in Here Somewhere
    By Kara Swisher
    Crown, 2003
  4. Unleashing The Killer App
    By Larry Downes and Chunka Mui
    Harvard Business School Press, 1998
  5. The Innovator's Solution
    By Clayton M. Christensen And Michael E. Raynor
    Harvard Business School Press, 2003

For more information on Unleashing The Killer App, see www.killer-apps.com.

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