Women in MIDS Coffee Meetup

Women in MIDS Coffee Meetup: Mocha Moments: Brewing Conversations & Connections in Data Science

Friday, October 27, 2023
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm PDT

As many of us gear up for Immersion and the Women in MIDS & LDP meet-up in early November, this session will be an open forum for the entire hour. Please join us whether you're interested in discussing:

  • Strategies for networking and maximizing the benefits of immersive events,
  • How to balance classes with personal commitments,
  • Gaining insights into the transition from MIDS to a professional setting,
  • Understanding the challenges of gender dynamics in tech,
  • Or simply sharing your experiences and challenges within MIDS.

You can pop in to say hi, chat, ask questions about MIDS or the industry, or even suggest topics you're passionate about. If you have specific topics in mind, send them over beforehand so we can be sure to include them. We're excited to connect with you!

Women in MIDS hosts a monthly Coffee Meetup Series. Typically meetups have 30 minutes dedicated to speakers, industry-relevant videos, and other activities to empower women in data science, with the remaining 30 minutes open for discussions.

This event is open to all women-identifying MIDS students and faculty.

Last updated:

October 16, 2023